Monday, November 10, 2014

Woman with Breasts Weighing 7kg Each Undergoes Surgery To Reduce Them [Photos]

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Kerisha Mark from Texas was used to having very large breasts with a 36NNN bra size until sharp pains across her chest, and a terrible neck ache led to debilitating migraine.

Fearing she might be having the symptoms of a heart attack or brain tumour, she consulted doctors who told her she had Gigantomastia, a condition where breast weight exceeds three per cent of a person's body weight. Then she knew she had to get rid of some of it.

According to the Washington Post, Ms Mark had always had an exceptionally large chest. But by her late 30s, her bust had grown to a staggering 36NNN.

The rapid growth was the result of the hormonal condition. And for Ms Mark the condition resulted in pulled chest muscles, severe back pain and emotional distress. She said:

'I could not run or jump or work out at all. I was very limited in a lot of things I could do. My first time at a boot camp, I did a jumping jack and my bra snapped. I started to have really bad headaches. Women and men want to touch my breasts to see if they are real. It's real intimidating.'

Ms Mark estimated her breasts weighed around 7kg each, and said she had been forced to use duct tape to hold them in place. Having considered surgery as an option for years, Ms Mark finally made the decision to mark her 40th birthday by having treatment.

Eyewitness News cameras followed Ms Mark into the operating theatre. Dr Franklin Rose, a plastic surgeon based in Houston, performed the operation.  He told The Post he could not remember seeing a patient with larger breasts in his 35-year career. He said:

'The breasts really hung down to her hips and were essentially like carrying around three basketballs at all times because they were so large. When we went into the exam room - I don't know if I would use this word 'shocking', but it was certainly startling to see breasts of that magnitude.'

Dr Rose recruited a colleague to help with the four-hour operation, where he removed 15lbs of breast tissue from Ms Mark and instead left her with a 'nice full' DD cup bust.

He had also said if her condition had been left untreated it could have developed into degenerative kyphosis, a condition causing a person's spine to curve forward, forming a hump or hunchback.

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  1. Wow! She looks so transformed!

  2. Why now? I like them big like her 36NNNN

  3. Why did she take so long to get treated?

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