Friday, November 14, 2014

Woman Gets 15 Live Chicks From Ex With Message “There are Lots of Chicks Out There”

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A Washington D.C. woman received a parcel from her ex recently, and in it was a box filled with 15 live chicks, and a note that said "there are lots of other chicks out there!"

The postman saved the day when while delivering the box to the lady, she told him she would throw the chicks in the trash after he left. He volunteered to take them and delivered them to the Washington Humane Society, WHS.

Workers there were able to fing them a good home at the Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary in Maryland where all of the chicks were reported to be okay, though one suffered a minor leg injury. Six have found a permanent home at the Peaceful Fields Sanctuary in Virginia and the rest will stay at Poplar Spring Sanctuary.

Supposedly, the ex cannot be prosecuted for sending the chicks through the mail since he packed up them up appropriately - which is not illegal. But he sure is creepy!

All these bitter exes, there is God o!


  1. Unfortunately the will probably end up being eaten all all this care is just to make a delicious meal, but Exes are bitter sha, at least hers didnt send thugs to beat her up or threaten her life.

  2. God id our shield

  3. Just wonder why men are that bittered after break up,is it manly EGO?


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