Saturday, November 22, 2014

Update On Shocking Video Of Househelp Abusing A 2-Year-Old In Uganda

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Yesterday, I brought you the story of the little girl who was brutally assaulted by the family's househelp who did not know she was being secretly filmed by a nanny camera. The person who uploaded the video answered some questions about it [see here] but now, even more details have emerged.

Reports say the assault actually happened in Uganda. The girl's name is Aneela and after her parents saw the video, Aneela's dad gave the nanny a very sound beating, almost to death. The police came for him but after he showed them the inhumane video, they took the maid away.

Emeka Francis Okonji first shared the video on Facebook and wrote this on my FB wall;

The baby is doing fine now and it happened in Uganda. The baby father beat the nanny to a pulp. She is currently in a wheel chair, and feeding through a tube. The nanny has been remanded in prison awaiting court hearing 8 Dec. This happened to friend of mine, and I did share the video. It was a hidden cam placed since the parents started noticing bruises on the baby so they decided to place a cam and observe what was happening and just on the first day they found this. The mother of the baby said anytime she is around the nanny was so nice and by the time she returns her two children look well fed and asleep.

Denis Businge who knows the parents personally, adds;

[11:18, 11/22/2014] Busta: Angela - mother to the kid. She was in Rwanda international Academy apparently....Below is her text she sent to her friend;

" the camera has always been thr. but thr was a way this gal had won my trust. nga i come home the kids a fed n sleeping smetyms. the hse is clean. n she was ki quiet n seemed innocent. it was wen id find bruises n her n on asking, she wld innocently say simanyi. maybe she fell down. then i noticed she wld never be happy o annoyed. she wld be like same all the time. i suspected something wasnt right. so i recorded last week on thur. n thats wat we saw. in one day. ibaze"

[11:18, 11/22/2014] Busta: Father put a webcam on the tv and logged in remotely. Wen he saw that he drove home beat the maid into pulp. Maid was taken to hospital and 2 hours later an NGO came with police and arrested the father. He narrated his ordeal to the police who had actually released the gal. When they saw the video, they all cried and couldn't believe. Maid was tricked back by being told that she the father has been coerced into paying her and she was re-arrested. As you know the uganda police, she received kicks and slaps

Emeka Francis Okonji also says the child is getting trauma care which is vital!

We thank God the baby survived but undergoing treatment and psychological counselling. The nanny has been daily beaten this baby and they started noticing marks on the baby body and so much fear when the baby sees the nanny so they had to get a hidden cam to observe what was happening. Really traumatizing

So what is the way forward?

Secret nanny cams are more common here in America, and also in the UAE where the use of nannies are very widespread, but maybe it's time they come into use in Nigeria and Africa if parents can afford them.

In Dubai, incidents of abuse of children as caught on nanny cams are high because some say, the nannies are often maltreated themselves, or simply a result of income gaps.

Similar to the UAE, the use of househelps in Africa is also very common, and most of these nannies are either underage and mistreated, or simply not well paid and unregulated. A lot of times, these nannies come from terribly deprived backgrounds and situations. Even when the parents and employers treat them well, it may be that they also carry out frustrations. from their home or elsewhere, on the children they are suppossed to care for.

While this is totally wrong, and against all moral and legal conscience, it is also imperative that parents take proper care in how they hire and treat their domestic servants. When you have done all you can, then you must also get a secret camera to spy on your nanny.

I'm just very glad to hear that this girl is OK!

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