Monday, November 24, 2014

Ugandan Youth Minister Vows To Change Laws After Viral Child Torture Video

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In what may be the only good thing that will come out of the very disturbing video of Arnella Kamanzi being brutally assaulted by her family's domestic help, is that it may lead to change.

The video was circulated online by Arnella's parents, Eric Kamanzi and Angela Mbabazi, to help other parents become more careful with the hiring and keeping of nannies, and to use secret cams if possible.

However, the video also came to the attention of the Youth and Children Affairs minister in Uganda, Ronald Kibuule, through his own children, and yesterday he paid the Kamanzi family a courtesy call. His children had insisted they wanted to see Arnella and confirm she was OK.

As reported by Ugandan Monitor, Mr. Kinuule agreed with the police that the househelp in the video deserved a charge of attempted murder rather than torture, for which she is currently charged and remanded in jail.

On how he saw the video and decided to see the family without lengthy official procedure;

“My children watched the video and insisted on seeing your daughter. I have not slept or concentrated on work since I watched the clip on social media. I am happy God saved her.” 

On his official plans as minister;

“We are going to design a legal and policy frame work to regulate maids and other domestic staff because they are unprofessional. We want to put in place basic professional requirements so that companies that recruit maids are registered and maids who are exploited and abused by their bosses too have protection.” 

On the househelp;

“I am happy to learn that she is in Luzira. I thought she was at large; I was going to put personal money to ensure she is apprehended so she faces the law. This is unacceptable. It is abominable. I shall keep in touch with the family and follow this to its logical conclusion.”

The minister advised parents to exercise due diligence before employing domestic help as their children's health and well-being was most often dependent on the nannies. He also strongly condemned the maid’s actions, and sent out an emotional message against child abuse.

PHOTO CREDIT - Stephen Otage/Monitor Uganda

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