Wednesday, November 19, 2014

This Viral Break-up Text Sounds Like It's From A Nigerian Man

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This numbered breakup text has gone viral, supposedly sent by a 30 year old man to his girlfriend of 2 months who has now shared it online. The aggrieved ex-boyfriend listed reasons he decided to breakup with her, #2 of which is that he is annoyed she attended a wedding she was invited to without taking him along.

Why do I say the man sounds like a Nigerian? Well, his name appears to be 'Bobo', and some of his issues include that she uses foul language and won't disclose how many sexual partners she's ever had. One reason I'll agree he's not Nigerian, he says she was 'rude to his cat". I don't think Nigerians do cats, and definitely not young Nigerian men. Or am I wrong? LOL...

The girlfriend, now ex, says she finds the whole thing funny. She claimed she got the invite for the wedding months before they met, and because they hadn't dated for long, most of her friends didn't know him yet. So maybe he was right in that sense? The text continues below...

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