Friday, November 21, 2014

‪#‎ThanksMichelleObama‬ - Students Unhappy With Healthy School Lunches Or Political Gimmicks?

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#ThanksMichelleObama is the sarcastic hashtag that young students are using to set Twitter on fire as they blame first lady Michelle Obama for their school lunches might obey new food regulations she championed, but which they say looks bad and tastes worse.

First lady Michelle Obama has made one of her personal campaigns that of getting childhood obesity down using healthy eating as an option. The other avenue is getting children to move more by being more physically active. But it all starts with what goes in the mouth so the first lady has worked with those in education to get the food served in schools healthier.

But the children seem not to be liking their modified menus for their school lunches. Those old enough to tweet are speaking out on social media and calling their food all manner of awful.

This push back has been happening since earlier in Spring of this year, so one wonders why it has suddenly become a trending issue just one day after the president's speech on Immigration reform? From the first tweet below, it is clear some are conflating the two issues, and may not even be children.

Amidst the backlash, there are those who love their school lunches! As for those using the health and future well being of children to fight their political battles, shame on them!

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