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Stomach Full, Penis Empty: A Woman's Guide to a Happy Marriage By Niecy Nash

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44-year-old Niecy Nash is an American comedian and actress, best known for her performances on the Style Network show, Clean House. Niecy is also notorious for her commentary on relationships and man-woman issues, and has now written a book that compiles her thoughts on dating, sex and marriage. While "Stomach Full, Penis Empty" is not the title of her book, left to Niecy, it could have been.

Niecy revealed this in a recent interview with Playboy magazine promoting the book.

When asked about her prescription for oral sex as the secret to a happy marriage, the actress who has been married for 3 years to husband Jay Tucker said;

What I say in the book is, "A BJ a day keeps the divorce attorney away" and I say that because I feel like men are profoundly simplistic, which is the reason I wanted to call my book what I used as the title of chapter three, which is, "Stomach Full, Penis Empty: A Woman's Guide to a Happy Marriage." Keeping him fed and drained, you have no problem.

But it should be give and take, and the woman's pleasure should actually come first, Niecy said;

We are really more complicated than they are and I think that women are more generous with oral sex because we nurture by nature. We want to be pleasing by nature, that's in our DNA, so I think that a lot of the behavior we're looking for sexually, you might have to educate your partner. Sometimes, men just assume they're going to get it and you need to be like, "Give me mine. Ladies first."

Niecy also suggests that women should have more conversations about sex with their men, before marriage if possible.

What's so interesting is that [women are] more willing to have conversations about "Do you want to get married? Where do you see this relationship going? Do you want to have children?" than we are to ask, "What kind of sex do you like? What are you into there?"

You know what I mean? And that's a conversation that a lot of people dive into but if you're going to be with someone for the rest of your life and they're failing to meet your sexual needs is like doing a slow dance with death. We need to make sure we can meet right there in the middle.

The best thing that could have ever happened to me, and I was so fearful when I did it, was I got my tubes tied and had a hysterectomy. It gives me and my husband a different liberty — we can do what we do anytime, anywhere, at a moment's notice. So that's a sidebar into my situation, but I can get the party started.

Niecy Nash's sex-and-relationship book was finally titled, "It’s Hard to Fight Naked". What do you think of her take on the whole issue?

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