Wednesday, November 26, 2014

She Put Her Number Under His Instagram Post, And Now They're Married!

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Less than a year ago, Twitter user @JaeMajette left her number on a fine guy’s Instagram photo after he posted about going to a theme park. Joke or not, he called and now she says they’re married!

JaeMajette shared the unconventional beginning to the couple's love story on Twitter yesterday, and the tweets went viral. But while some people were wowed and congratulated her, others thought she was too thirsty, and they had rushed into the marriage too quickly. She defended herself by saying,

“You can be in a relationship with someone for years and feel nothing and meet someone and feel something in 5 mins.”

“You’ll know if your gonna marry and spend the rest of your life with someone as soon as you meet them. It just feel right.”

“Time means shit when someone means the world to you. There isn’t a rush but What you waiting for if everything feel so right?”

I totally agree with her. See the picture that started it all below, and how their relationship progressed.

So guys who are looking, keep sharing your pics online, and ladies, you know what's up, when you see what you like, LET HIM KNOW!

What do you think of their story? I think it's cute!


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