Thursday, November 6, 2014

Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater - New Study Validates Old Knowledge

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Have you been crying because you found out your cheating ex is now dating the person who stole them from you? Please wipe your tears, because it's very likely the new relationship won't last. What's more, it will probably end in more cheating, so you're definitely better off.

In case studies published in the Journal of Research in Personality by social psychologist Joshua D Foster, a research team discovered that people who left their relationships for another person found it easier to leave the new relationship.

The research paper was titled, "What do you get when you make somebody else’s partner your own? An analysis of relationships formed via mate poaching," and said in the abstract;

“We observed reliable evidence that individuals who were poached by their current romantic partners were less committed, less satisfied and less invested in their relationships.

"They also paid more attention to romantic alternatives, perceived their alternatives to be of higher quality and engaged in higher rates of infidelity compared to non-poached participants.”

So, for those who are single and eyeing that booed-up guy or girl, don't be so quick to "steal" them away from their current boyfriend or girlfriend. You may end up regretting it when they leave you for the next guy or girl who winks at them.

Yeah, yeah, Karma is very real, and it can be a moda.

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