Thursday, November 20, 2014

Nigerians Mock Toutish Lawmakers As Presidency Supports Police For Locking Them Out

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The National Assembly in Abuja Thursday morning was the venue of lawmakers toutishly breaking the law with impunity, as well as disrespecting their office and themselves. Nigerians have widely condemned these unseemly actions on social media with several memes.

The fracas was allegedly set off when the Speaker Aminu Tambuwal and a few of his supporters were prevented from coming into the chambers as the assembly was about to deliberate on the extension of state of emergency in the northern states worst affected Boko Haram.

Some of Tambuwals allies who were shut out resorted to scaling the fence and Police say they had to be removed from the premises using teargas. After the upheavel, the national Assembly has been shut till November 25th.

Nigerians on Twitters have expressed dismay and disappointment over these pictures released from the scene, some mocking those who climbed the fence.

Tambuwal had recently switched allegiance from PDP to APC, and his defection is the cause of ongoing controversy as he has been asked to step down as speaker, being that he was elected on the platform of PDP. The speaker has so far refused to vacate his position.

Meanwhile, Senior Special Assistant to the President on Public Affairs, Dr. Doyin Okupe has come out against such toutish behavior, even as he says President Jonathan did not command the police actions. He said to journalists;

“Assumption (on whether the police boss was acting on instruction from the President) should stop. The IGP is a very senior officer of the government and his duties are to enforce the law.He doesn’t need to get the villa to enforce the law. He is not a house boy. Though he works under the government but he is expected to defend the law. IGP has the duty to enforce the law. He acted in the discharge of his duty. The IGP didn’t invade the assembly. It is wrong to assume that.”

” The whole scenario at the National Assembly today as we witnessed is rather unfortunate. We wish that at all times; national interest should supersede all other interests including personal and political interests.

“From Government perspective, the overriding concern today is the issue of insurgency which necessitated the request by Mr President that the National Assembly considers an extension of the State of Emergency to give the Security forces the needed legal framework and space for a successful prosecution of the war against Boko Haram terrorists.

“It is our hope that the Honorable members of the House of Representatives will use the period of adjournment to resolve all matters so that they can resume to deliberate and act on issues of National importance.”

The Police released their initial statement thus;

“Following an intelligence report of a likely invasion of the House of Representatives by hoodlums and thugs, the Nigeria Police Force promptly deployed its personnel to the premises to prevent a breakdown of law and order.

Consequently, the Police condoned the area and began screening of all members and visitors alike.
In the course of this lawful exercise, Alh. Aminu Tambuwal CFR, arrived the venue with a motley crowd, who broke the cordon, assaulted the Police and evaded due process and the Police had the duty to restore order and normalcy, using lawful means.

The IGP seizes this medium to warn all political actors and their followers to respect constituted authority and due process and to desist from the use of thugs to pursue their agenda.

The Nigeria Police shall continually apply all lawful means to prevent a breakdown of law and order in all segments of the society and shall apply the full weight of the law on any political actor who violates the peace and security of the nation.”


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