Friday, November 21, 2014

Nanny Caught On Secret Camera Brutally Asaulting Toddler - 5 Questions Answered

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When someone shared these videos saying it was one of the most disturbing things she had ever seen, I was like haven't we seen it all before? Until I clicked play, I almost jumped off my seat. Who are these people? I'm currently going through the comments on all the 5 videos posted on instgagram by @datgirlviv to see if this monster was ever identified.

In the videos, the woman forcefeeds the child, then gets angry when she vomits the food. This leads to a extreme abuse including throwing the child face down on the ground, standing on her, spanking her with a torch, kicking her in the body and face, stomping on her back and chest area.

I'm almost shedding tears as I write this. I just hope the owners of this secret camera have not just sacked this woman, but made sure she ended in jail for life.

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Here are some details from the person that posted the video...

1. Who is she?

datgirlviv - Its the house help

2. How did you get the video?

datgirlviv - it was sent to me

3. Who made the video?

datgirlviv - the child's father put a hidden camera because he heard the house girl was abusing the kid

4. Where is this lady now?

datgirlviv - she definitely has been dealt with. I hear she's busy fighting for her life after the child's father gave her a good beating

5. Is she in jail yet?

datgirlviv - the woman is awaiting her trial now

A video posted by @datgirlviv on

A video posted by @datgirlviv on

A video posted by @datgirlviv on

A video posted by @datgirlviv on

A video posted by @datgirlviv on


  1. I saw this horrifying and traumatic video earlier today, I am still traumatized. This is the height of wickedness. I kept telling my friends that I don't think even the devil himself would do this to a CHILD. Goodness!. I hope the child doesn't have brain damage or something Ah.

  2. What a pathetic accuse for a human being. Someone has to be so vile, evil, and downright crazy to do this to any child, let alone their own. It makes me sick seeing parents, nanny's, or house keepers beating children.
    I believe they should suffer the same way they made those children suffer when they were abusing them.
    Every Abuser, Pedophile, Murder, etc.. Should all be punished the way they punished their victims. It's sick, very sick.


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