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My Entire Thoughts About The Bill Cosby Rape Scandal [RE - Verastic]

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This is a response to Vera's questions on the allegations of sexual assualt and rape on Bill Cosby, one of which is why it seems some people have already convicted Bill Cosby of the crime. I can't answer for those people, but I can speak for myself.

I cannot categorically say Bill Cosby is guilty of rape because I'm not a court of law. However, I tend to go with the women on this. More than 20 unconnected women telling almost the same story cannot ALL be lying. Like you noted, they have nothing to gain as the statute of limitations has passed.

You have to know they didn't start talking today. 13 of them were willing to talk 10 years ago, but Bill Cosby PAID one of them and closed the door on the others coming forward. One still continued talking and has been vocal since then, Barbara Bowman.

However, though there was the internet, and some of their interviews were published online, we did not have the viral social media we have today. Now Facebook and Twitter mean that we converse online, real-time, and share on the go.

You ask why he's not raping anymore. Remember, he's not as good looking or as young as he used to be, and his star power is not what it was in his hey days. Those were the tools of his alleged rapes, luring women with his good looks, charm and star power. All have faded.

Bill Cosby last raped 10 years ago, and then his star was already on the down, and the woman took him to court and won millions. So I think he learnt his lesson. Also, I'm guessing his wife and lawyers had some choice words for him them.

What can I categorically say? I think Bill Cosby is a womanizer and a man of his times when women were not so demanding of their self respect and body dignity. In his mind, he did not rape those women, he had sex with them.

And I can say that some of those women also did not consider it rape at THE time. Some probably felt the drug aspect was too weird and kinky. Some left because that's not what they bargained for. Others went on to have basically ARISTO relationships with him.

Times have changed now however. Rape and sexual assault are now big deals in American gender issues and real life politics, and the voice of women is more equal.

Bill Cosby can sue these women for defamation if they are lying but he's not, why? They're probably telling the truth. But is it rape or just sex? That answer is in the ears of the listener. 40 years ago, it was the story of a star who liked women, and wanted them drugged for sex. Today, it is the story of a serial rapist.

PS - Over the past 20 years, the definition of rape in various US states has been updated from just forceful sex by a stranger to include marital rape, date rape, use of drugs, or when someone is drunk or passed out. Source

PPS - Meanwhile, a former employee of NBC has come forward and claims he regularly brought young women to Cosby's dressing room during The Bill Cosby Show years in the 80s, and was asked to send money to multiple women over the years.

Frank Scotti, 90, said in an interview on NBC's Today on Monday.

"I felt like a pimp. Every time he had somebody I had to watch, I had the girl stay there. I felt dirty. ... I just felt, you know, he's not the person I thought he was.''

Scotti says he's only speaking now because he didn't and doesn't know what went on behind the door or why he was sending thousands of dollars a month to women, but now with all the women speaking out, he believes them.


  1. Like you, I don't know whether he is guilty or not, but there are just too many women with similar stories for it be ignored. I can understand why they did not blow the whistle till now; Bill Cosby was has been a very powerful man in showbiz for quite a while and they didn't think anyone would believe them. Besides,I guess a few did not want to kill their own showbiz careers. If he is indeed guilty, I hope that he is brought to book.The worst thing that can happen to a women to have her body violated by another. You just cannot escape the ordeal.
    However, it is still important that people speak up immediatley after the act as it can prevent the perpetrator from inflicting more harm on others.

  2. Wow! I still can't wrap my head around his disgusting, narcisstic character.

    To think that it has been hidden in the celebrity persona he's been carrying around all these years. I shudder!
    - @ImpurfectHer


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