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More Women Speak Out About Daniel Okereke Who Allegedly Raped UniLag Student

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Prince Daniel Okereke, 37 (pictured above) is alleged to be rapist as reported by Unilag student Arinola, who got him arrested and facing trial for rape after he attacked her in his home, tying her up with the help of his security guard, whipping her with belts and then raping her.

Arinola reported the crime to the police and followed it up with lab tests and physical exams soon after the rape, so the police have enough evidence. As their case went to court, several newspapers carried the news because Daniel Okereke is related to a couple of high-profile people including former SEC DG Ndi Okereke Onyiuke and Stephanie Okereke Linus.

After the news broke yesterday, Linda Ikeji says she has since then received several emails from other women that suggest this man has been a serial rapist since his teenage years, and more recently, he targets women from UniLag. Below are a couple of those emails; I hope these women not only write but are also willing to show up and testify against this man.

Please Linda, do not publicise my name or email for any reason. Daniel is really a rapist. I was a victim, he drives a black prado jeep and he is disgustingly fat. I didn't speak out cuz I took it as 'shit happens'. He lives in one crazy house with tenants in Mary land,he stays upstairs, he claims to be in d entertainment industry, after forcefully havin sex with me, he then said 'i'll want u to be my darling'. Ughh. Like who says that?.this isn't a lie because I can describe every part of his room, he has a chandelier in his room, he keeps his belts at d left side of his bed, he has like 7 or more sunshades placed on his mirror stand. And his bed is largeee. I won't give too much details of my ordeal cuz of shame. I'm glad sm1 spoke up! I hope he rots in prison for 10 yrs with his fat face and body. Btw he met me in unilag too. Worst night of my life on earth.

Another one...
Because I am married now with kids, I will like to remain anonymous. I lost my virginity to this beast at the age of 11+ to him and his friends. They raped me until I passed out so right now I don't even know how many of them did it. He is the brother to our famous actress Stephanie Linus. Big rapist he is. We used to live close to each other in Asaba and we were very close to the family. I can tell you for sure, he is a habitual rapist. It's a problem for him. He is a beast. He has such a quiet nature, no one believed me when I told them. Keep me as anonymous please. My husband visits this blog before my marriage gets into trouble.

And another one
My respect to the UNILAG undergraduate for speaking out. I am a victim too but I didn't tell anyone because I was ashamed. Mine happened in 2010 when I was a student of UNILAG. I'd even gone to his house ready to spend the night but after he became verbally abusive and disrespectful I decided to leave but he wouldn't let me. He forced himself on me twice that day with little resistance from me because I saw no use in fighting him off. It was the worst experience of my life and I hope Linda that you follow this case up. This man needs to be locked up. And he's actually Stephanie's older brother, not cousin.

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