Wednesday, November 5, 2014

ISIS Sells Christian and Yazidi Women Like Slaves To Raise Money - Leaked Video

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ISIS, just like Boko Haram, have often boasted of enslaving abducted women and selling them. A disturbing video has now surfaced that supposedly shows the Islamic State fighters bartering over captured Yazidi women at a slave girl 'market'.

To give more validity to the video, a document obtained by Iraquinews and said to be issued by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). The document laments that;

“The market to sell women and spoils of war has been experiencing a significant decrease, which has adversely affected ISIS revenue and financing of the Mujahideen.”

It then goes ahead to fix the official prices set by the terrorist group to sell Yazidi and Christian women and children abducted by ISIS members.

-A woman aged 40 to 50 - 50,000 dinars (£27)
-A woman aged 30 to 40 - 75,000 dinars (£40)
-A woman aged 20 to 30 - 100,000 dinars (£53)
-A girl, aged 10 to 20  - 150,000 dinars (£80)
-A child under nine - 200,000 dinars (£106)

Here is the Arabic video with English subtitles.

In case you cannot watch the video, here are some screenshots showing how women are bought and sold like slaves.

Pictures via Mailonline

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