Monday, November 3, 2014

This Pic Is So Wrong - Father French Kisses His 10-Year-Old Daughter?

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I saw this picture on FB of a father and daughter moment in what seems to be a school environment. Maybe she won a dancing or athletic competition, and to congratulate her, the father picks up the little girl in his arms and plants on her an open-mouth kiss. It looks so wrong to me.

The comment on the page says;

''call me old fashioned but dads should be kissing their daughters on the forehead, the cheeks or the hand. The lips is for the wife and they should be taught that the lips are for the man they will marry''. 

What do you think?


  1. Totally inappropriate. The times we live in are wild compared to the times of our parents, she's way grown for that sorta gesture...way grown so this is really inappropriate!

  2. that doesn't look like an adult kiss,its just an emotion kiss,take a closer look at it again.

  3. I see this quite a lot. Personally, I consider it inappropriate but maybe I'm just odd and old-fashioned.

  4. It is very nice to see how close they are. People who say that is inappropriate don't have a heart. Nice when they are kissing. Even they would still have bathtime together it would be fine. That is called love. It is not pervert. People are pervert who think bad about innocent things.


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