Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Hollaback Actress Shoshana Roberts Gets Rape Threats For Street Harassment Video

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Shoshana Roberts was secretly filmed for 10 hours as she walked the streets of New York for a video on street harassment. The video has since gone viral and the actress has been receiving rape threats since then, with some even saying they want to kill her.

The video has over 32Million views on Youtube with more than 120,000 comments mostly from angry men who do not consider the actions of the men captured in the video as abuse.

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Creator/Owner/Director: Rob Bliss Creative- A Viral Video Agency - http://robblisscreative.com/
Business/Media Contact: rob@robblisscreative.com
Talent: Shoshana B. Roberts - http://shoshanabroberts.wix.com/shosh...
Video Effects Consultant: Kevin Budzynski - http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3345388/?r...
Audio Production/Assistance: Peter Fox - http://www.peterfoxrecording.com/

Learn more about street harassment here: http://www.ihollaback.org/blog/2014/1...

Regarding Demographics: This video should in no way be considered statistically accurate to the demographics of street harassment. This video features just 18 scenes, and should not be treated like a survey. Additionally, the fact that the two men who follow Shoshana make up half the video, only further illustrates the point that a video like this is not meant to be a literal representation of street harassment demographics. We filmed for less than half a day, and were only able to capture quality audio and video for roughly 30 of the harassments. To repeat for emphasis what we said at the end, this video involved people of all backgrounds.

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