Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Emeli Sande Dated Husband For 10 Years, Divorced After One Year Of Marriage, What Gives?

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After reading about Emeli Sande's divorce from her husband after one year, when they had been dating for 10 years, I just couldn't move away from it. So I decided to ask, why does this happen, and happen so often it seems.

Emeli Sande, a British musician, recently confirmed that she and her ex-husband Adam Gouraguine have split after being married for a year. But get this, they've been together since she was 17 years old!

The couple got married in September 2012, and split before the end of 2013. After keeping quiet about it, Emeli Sande is now speaking out,

“Adam and I had been together since I was 17. He was my only boyfriend. That’s the only person I’ve been with for the past 10 years. So (losing) our relationship more than the marriage was the big part for me to deal with.”

“Everyone thought I’d gone mad. ‘What do you mean a divorce? We were all at your wedding a few months ago!’ But there was just something inside me that said, ‘This isn’t the life. You’re pretending to be someone else.’ And that’s so hard to explain to someone. I can’t explain it now.”

"I just felt I had to wake up. I'd been sleeping and things were happening. I could get up on stage and sing but, I don't know, it was just a real ... I don't want to call it a breakdown, but it felt like that.

"Every day you get a bit stronger. Every day you stop blaming yourself for things. I think I spent the couple of months after not in denial, but not really dealing with what had happened.

I really hoped she could've shed more light on what happened. Did he change, did she change, why did she have to pretend?

What is it about marriage that is so different from friendship and dating that it totally wrecks what many would've assumed was a stable relationship?

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