Monday, November 17, 2014

Creepy - Men Who Are In Love With Their Sex Dolls

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Copenhagen-based photojournalist, Benita Marcussen, approached men who own and love sex dolls via online forums and spent nearly a year gaining their trust before photographing them for a photo series Men & Dolls. Online is about the only place where many of these men can talk openly about their dolls, but they finally agree to be photographed, and some showed their faces.

According to DailyMail, these men enjoy long-term relationships with the dolls. For some of them  the life-sized dolls are their sole companion, others are married with children, and in a few cases the dolls have filled the space left by lost loved ones for their owners following death or divorce.

The lifelike dolls often feature long glossy hair, heavy make-up and perfect skin, and at first glance you would think they were real life glamourous women.

However, the astonishingly realistic silicone love dolls are just expensive mannequins which sell for upwards of £1,000. Some of them have interchangeable faces to reflect different 'moods', and in some cases have retailed at more than £33,000. Cheaper, not so realistic japanese sex dolls sell for as little as £30, Mirror UK reports.

What do you think about sex dolls? I find them disturbing, though up to 30 percent of respondents to the Mirror UK poll believed them to be a fact of life. The only story that halfway touched my heart was that of an older man who lost his wife to cancer and was terribly lonely afterwards.

I'm not even sure that's a good enough reason for a sex doll. And I think it creepy that he got a doll that looked like his wife and gave it her name.

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