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Couple Love - Stephanie Okereke and Husband Linus Idahosa

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One of Nollywwod's top actresses Stephanie Okereke Linus was featured at home with her husband, film school director and business man, Linus Idahosa for the latest ThisDay Style edition. I just love the two of them together. See another pic below.


On how they met

I met Stephanie while doing some Business Consulting work for a Middle Eastern Company that wanted to berth in Africa; they needed an African female celebrity ambassador for their brand; Liya Kebede from Ethiopia and Stephanie were the two candidates on tab for the role; so I reached out to her; So yeah…it was “Love for Business at First Sight”.

On how he copes with being married to a Superstar actress

Being married to her is an ever glowing experience; a tale I some day, would write a book about; Stephanie is an absolute blessing! A loving, selfless, patient, positive being; someone I have made my lifelong pursuit to make her truly happy because her heart is in the right place. It is one thing to say you believe in someone; it’s another to live it. We are friends, lovers, husband and wife.

On social media pressure

Pressure from fans and the likes comes with the territory; it’s even worse now with the advent of new social media, if it’s not PINGS, it’s instagram likes, if it’s not that, it’s facebook beeps, twitter alerts or linkedin invites. But it’s a world I understand, so for us, communication is key and that is what defines the boundaries of our relationship.

Linus describes his wife in 3 words
Selfless, Smart and Spirited


On What Endeared her to her husband, Linus

He had a magnetic presence that was very captivating. He didn’t beat around the bush, he knew exactly what he wanted and was upfront about it, which I found charming and sexy!

Why He’s the One!

He is very tender and protective, a man’s man. He is sweet, humble, driven, has a close relationship with God, very loving and takes good care of me. We respect what we have and as a woman, when a man loves you, you just know. You know that you’re init together, regardless of any situation. With him, there was a conviction in my heart that this is it.

Photos - Instagram/StephanieLinus

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