Tuesday, November 11, 2014

#CosbyMeme - Bill Cosby Starts Funny Meme But Gets Rape Allegations Instead

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Yesterday, Bill Cosby's online publicity team posted a tweet asking fans to meme him, with a link to a meme generator on billcosby.com. Almost immediately, the meme generator was converted to comment on the famous comedian's over 13 rape allegations.

Though he was never charged, many now believe the women who accused Bill Cosby of abusing or raping them starting from the 1980s. The latest took him to court in 2006 and was settled before it could turn into a class action suit.

Barbara Bowman has written in detail about her experience here.

Below are some of the memes that were generated before the Bill Cosby team yanked the meme generator and also removed the email calling for memes.

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