Saturday, November 22, 2014

Comedian Faizon Love Defends Bill Cosby

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Faizon Love, a stand up comic who has also acted in several black movies, has spoken out against comedian Hannibal Buress on the Bill Cosby rape issue. He also says he believes all the women who have so far accused Bill Cosby are lying.

While some of Bill Cosby's fans have been alienated, Faizon Love is obviously making a stand for the legendary comedian. Sexual assault allegations have continued to grow against Bill Cosby who prefers to remain quiet in the midst of the controversy.

Hannibal Buress was the first person to actually call Bill Cosby a rapist in a routine last month. The clip from that performance went viral and gave a louder voice to several women who also alleged to have been assaulted by Bill Cosby since another woman took him to court in 2005 for rape.

This has probably made Hannibal Buress a direct target for Faizon Love who two days ago on his Twitter account, sent out a message to his followers;

While Faizon Love's grammar and spelling is atrocious, what is even more alarming is that he has been charged before for sexually assaulting a woman. Could this explain his tweets? reported in 2007 about allegations that Faizon Love had "barbarically assaulted and battered" a woman after she shunned his sexual advances.

The suit, filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court yesterday, accuses the Friday star of groping stage manager Beatrice Eliza after she picked him up from Burbank Airport in March.

Court papers obtained by claim "he did not stop until she threatened to kick him out of the car" - when he allegedly turned violent.

Eliza adds that days after the assault, Love showed up on the set of a theatre production and issued more threats before throwing her handbag out of a second-storey window. Police were reportedly called to the scene.

Earlier today, Faizon Love began to tweet again; and has been engaging in a back and forth with those who do not agree with his views on both Twitter and Instagram pages. Some have gone as far as calling on any of his corporate sponsors to drop him.

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