Sunday, November 2, 2014

Chris Rock Stirs Controversy With SNL Jokes On 9/11, Boston Bombings & Gun Control

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Did anyone watch Saturday Night Live last night? I didn't but I've just seen the clip of comedian Chris Rock's monologue on the show and while I did find some parts funny and apt, I do agree with some of uproar that he was pushing the envelope when it comes to being politically incorrect in his comedy.

Chris Rock in his opening monologue joked about the Boston Marathon Bombings, 9/11, the Freedom Tower that has recently been completed on the WTC site. He also referenced gun control, and the excessive commercialization of everything - from Christmas, Easter and Martin Luther King's civil rights efforts.

Some of the questions people are asking include;

Is it ok to joke about terrorism or is this taking comedy too far off the edge? Is it in bad taste to reference events in which many people lost their lives or were maimed as jokes?

So watch the skit below and share if you do you find his comments offensive.

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