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Bianca Ojukwu Defends Marriage And Children's Inheritance - "I Am The Only Wife He Wedded"

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Bianca Ojukwu has spoken out in a rare interview with Ekerete Udoh about her wedding to Dim Odumegwu Ojukwu in 1994, and the fallout with his older children. She defends her marriage but is realistic about the inheritance fights which she insists started way before she joined the family.

The fights blew up when the late Biafran leader died in 2011 leaving her with their three children. They are the youngest of Ojukwu's children, and Bianca believes that is the reason why their older half-siblings want to dis-inherit them. Excerpts below...

“I came into a deeply divided family – a lot of my husband’s relatives, I never saw physically before he died. Ojukwu Transport Company issues have been in court, they still have not resolved the issues concerning their father’s wealth, and this was an issue that started in 1966.. I am very comfortable if not for anything, for being the daughter of Chief C.C.Onoh, and my father took care of me, so the issue is not just about their family. But my husband was also a very serious person, so he anticipated all what is happening now by making sure that the most of my inheritance is bequeathed to me by the Deed of Gift, so prior to his death, most of those gifts had already been registered under my name.

But I will say that at the end of the day, it’s not a question of acquisition, all I am saying is that I am the only wife that he wedded, first and foremost, at the Kaduna registry as witnessed by his friend, the late Clement Akpamgbo, and we had a small reception after the event at Apo Quarters, in Abuja. After the registry marriage, we went through the Catholic marriage at Our Lady Queen of Nigeria Catholic Church in Abuja, and it was officiated by the then Arch Bishop Onaiyekan- then the Archbishop of Abuja Diocese.

We finally went through the full traditional marriage in my father’s compound that literally had all the traditional titled chiefs, paramount    rulers of the community in attendance. The five governors of the eastern states at the time were present, ambassadors were in attendance. The Abuja wedding for instance was almost a state wedding. So the evidence is there for all to see, and when you are faced with that situation, and you have been properly married, and you have off springs from that union, but purely because they want to cheat your offsprings of their inheritance, in addition to other things, by virtue of their being the youngest, any mother would do all she can to protect them. They have hurled all sorts of vitriol and outlandish claims about me- the most laughable has been what they claim that I was not legally married to my husband. I mean, this is a marriage that took place in 1994 and not 1884; so the evidence, the videos, media reports are there for everyone to see.”

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