Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Beyonce Possessed? Video From Basketball Game Sparks Speculation

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Beyonce and Jay Z had a date night at a Nets Basketball game on Monday, and now some video clips of the couple from courtside at the event have sparked speculations about the superstar singer's mental state.

Splash News titled their video, "Beyoncé has very animated conversation with Jay-Z, later sways back and forth, but with no music playing while at basketball game NYC."

Another upload on Youtube titled the clip; "Beyonce Possessed? Rocking/Swaying Back & Forth Courtside Brooklyn Nets Basketball Game"

Gawker compares her to a malfunctioning doll or robot and says the video is chilling to watch, and compared it to how Beyonce isolated herself in the elevator fight video with Jay Z and Solange.

I personally don't see anything wrong with Beyonce possibly humming silently and dancing while seated to a song in her head. I have done it myself, and I'm sure thousands of people also do it when a tune they like comes to their mind. It doesn't mean we're all crazy or possessed!

See the video below...


  1. She's probably just writing a song in her head. They should leave her alone

  2. Is it off the dribble or off the screen? How does he or she use the screen? What does he or she do on defense? etc.

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