Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Youth Pastor Charged With Sexually Abusing 5 Boys He Took Into His Home

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Timothy Shawn Cato, 50, has been arrested and charged by police for allegedly sexually abusing 5 young boys between the ages of 7 and 17. Cato was charged with eight counts of child sexual abuse with four of the eight incidents allegedly happening after October 1 of this year.

Court documents indicate that Cato used his status as a youth pastor and a volunteer at an Oklahoma Department of Human Services children’s shelter to gain the trust of children.

According to court documents, Cato admitted to bathing the children and touching their bodies while they are in the bathtub. He said he regularly shares sleeping space with the kids in a room away from his wife and own child.

Cato also reportedly told detectives he would have the boys wear his underwear, some with an open fly, adding that he not only fondled the children, but he also orally sodomized them and forced them to have anal sex.

TPD Sgt. Mike Brown said:

“Some of the victims indicated that they had met him through a program at a church where he was a, what they referred to as a commander of their group, that would do scouting-like activities for boys of a younger age.”

“This is definitely one of the most obvious and disturbing cases of a child predator being in a situation where he’s entrusted with the opportunity to deal with these vulnerable children, so it’s certainly very, very, difficult to see.”

Cato says he has over 20 years experience of volunteering and working for churches, summer camps, and the Little Lighthouse and Town and Country School.

Documents also showed that the Oklahoma Department of Human Services was paying Cato to provide care to two children placed in DHS custody.

Cato had claimed that he both owned and worked at Eastland Christian Academy. Witnesses reportedly told investigators that he had been a youth pastor at Eastland Assembly Church.

The affidavit also claimed that Cato was a coach for the Liberty Upward basketball team, and for the Wright Christian Academy. And it said that he was a volunteer at Falls Creek summer camp.

All the pastors and administrators at the churches, summer camps and schools have denied or denounced the volunteer pastor.

Via Rawstory, News9

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