Friday, October 31, 2014

Yahoo Travel Writer Says “Lagos, Nigeria is the Worst Place on Planet Earth”

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Lee Abbamonte recently visited Lagos through the Nigeria-Benin border and his experience is not one he hopes to experience ever again. The travel writer for Yahoo also wouldn't want anyone else to go through that same hell as he called Lagos, "the worst place on planet earth."

He shared his opinion in a Yahoo piece where he's described as the youngest American to visit all 193 member nations of the United Nations. The article is titled. Worst Places I've Ever Visited - From A Man Who's Been Everywhere.

Lagos is number one on that list of 12, with the following picture and caption. All the other cities are either in Africa, Asia, the Middle East or the Caribbeans.

What are your thoughts?

“As far as I am concerned, Lagos, Nigeria, is the worst place on planet Earth. I’ve never experienced so much corruption in my life. It was just a horrific experience getting into the country. Crossing in from Benin, we got shaken down by the border guards. In addition to the multiple police shakedowns, the multiple ATM issues were enough for me; three times in two days, the machines dispensed the wrong amount of money. It was oppressive and hot. I couldn’t tell you one good thing about that place.”


  1. Corruption in Lagos? Yes, you can't argue with that. Absolutely terrifying!

  2. Lagos is not for the untried and uninitiated. So Lagos sucked for bloody hoo. Lagos is the city of my birth and though I live in another town, it will always be home and we won't take any back talk from some touristy weakling. Lol. I love my city now and forever. Eko o ni baje o!!!!!!!!

  3. This is a case of perspective. One sees a cup of water as half full and another as half empty. The question is, are NY, Frankfurt, Paris or London without slums. Open your eyes and see only what you want to see.

  4. But has the ATM ever dispensed the wrong amt to u b4, cos honestly I av never experienced that b4..and I have not heard anyone complain of that b4 fact if u stand in front of an ATM to count ur money, u will look like a fool.. I think his comment are highly exergirated!


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