Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Will You Use A Mobile App To Get Informed Consent Before You Have Sex?

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Good2Go is a new mobile app for iOS and Android that is meant to encourage users to be responsible about their choices before having sex, by making them answer a poll that affirms informed consent. I like the idea behind this app, but it does sound like a mood killer. Check out the video below...

According to the makers of the app;

Good2Go App is a simple consent mobile phone app for iOS and Android phones that targets college-age adults. Good2Go App seeks to prevent or reduce sexual abuse, miscommunication, or regretted activities by facilitating communication and creating a pause before sexual activity so that both parties can ask and gain affirmative consent.

Good2Go App includes a sobriety question so that both parties know if affirmative consent can be granted. If the partner who is being asked if he or she is "Good2Go?" is too incapacitated, consent cannot be granted. The app is free, private, and simple to use. Only one party needs to download it prior to use.

In practical terms, when a user finds themselves in a sexual situation, they should open up the app, hand their phone to the potential partner. The app takes it from there, asking the person whether he or she is indeed "Good2Go."

Hmm... What do you think of this app, will you use it?

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