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Why You Should Always Have A Bucket List

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By Chinelo Ngene

Have you ever made a mental note of somewhere you’d like to go before you finally check out of this planet? Or something you’d like to do before it’s too late? Everyone has some sort of bucket list or the other, even if it’s only just thought of.

Well, to help you take the first step in turning your wishes and desires into a reality; at least where travel is concerned. We’re going to learn how to write your travel bucket list.

Get A Notebook

The first thing you need to do is get a notebook specifically for this purpose. You should have a hardcopy of your bucket list so you can actually look at it and never forget what exactly it is your goals are. Also, you can carry the notebook around, just in case something spontaneously inspires you to add a new item.

Plan Your List

Planning your list is essential. It’s fairly impossible to have a complete, ready-to-go bucket list in mind that you can just scribble down when you’re ready. And trying to think it all up in one spot is not an activity that’s even remotely close to fun – which is something your travel bucket list should be. Leave yourself open to getting inspired; from movies or commercials or even friends. Look for things you’re into - sports & adventure, fun things to do, cities & places, natural wonders, us parks & landmarks, man-made wonders, spiritual & self, events & festivals, cultural things, countries, states, extreme things to do.

Write Them Down

Inspired? Then put down your first draft. This is a sort of guideline. Think of every single thing you want to do and put it down without any inhibitions. Let your imagination roam free. This is the part of the process that really unlocks your heart’s desires – as corny as that may sound.

First Draft Down

Now, you have a first draft (and a great one at that), but you still need to do a little polishing. Look at the practical things on your list and select those from the entirety. This isn’t a punishment stage or anything like that. You’re simply making modifications and alterations to make your travel list more attainable. Also, this stage may test you and you may be tempted to cross some things off simply because you already believe you can’t do them. Avoid such. The point of this travel bucket list is going on an adventure, so have people look at the list as well and weigh in, so you know it’s balanced.

Almost There

You’re ready to write your second draft. I know it looks waaay smaller than it did when you started but that’s great! It means you have a plan now. And the best part is, you can keep adding to it as time goes on. Also, if you feel you no longer have a desire to do something on the list, you can easily cross it off. Your travel bucket list is to meet your passion and make you happy, not to hold you prisoner.

Get Moving!

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. No one is saying you should book your world tour plane ticket straight away. Start with the little things you can do almost immediately, like visiting a city nearby that you haven’t really taken the time to appreciate. When you do so, you can cross one thing off your list and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment that comes with it. Start from the places and activities that are more feasible and work your way up. The more you do, the more motivated you are to check off more items on your list. Take your time too. You’re not in competition with anyone. What you experience on each trip is the real value.

Look For Inspiration

Never stop looking for inspiration.  As long as there is life, there will always be new interests and new places to go and new amazing things to see.  As you cross off tasks, add new ones. Reading magazines from different places and even seeing them n TV should stir you up to visit those places.
With all this in mind, writing down a bucket list and setting out into the world of adventure shouldn’t be a problem. Personally, I feel inspired to refine mine right now.

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