Tuesday, October 28, 2014

'When Marriage Begins, Selfishness Ends' - Omoni Oboli On 14 Wedding Anniversary

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Omoni Oboli and her husband, Nnamdi, marked their 14th wedding anniversary with some loving PDA on social media, with Omoni thanking God for bringing them thus far.

She admits in an interview with Ynaija, that it hasn't all been smooth sailing, but that as a couple, they put God first, and also believe in open communication. She advises younger couples to avoid selfishness and emotional manipulation. See excerpts below:

On having a successful celebrity marriage and the secrets to her long lasting marriage;

For one, we don’t see our marriage as a celebrity marriage but as a union between this home girl and her homeboy. We keep it simple when it comes to our relationship, meaning that we don’t let other people or issues of life complicate what God has joined together. God ordained our marriage, so it’s Him that will also perfect it. I’ve always said that a threefold chord is not easily broken, and that is myself, my husband and God. That is the real secret to our marriage, being built on the foundation of Christ. We always communicate, we don’t just talk, because many people talk but aren’t communicating, so that many things are being said but get totally lost in translation.

On whether they argue;

I’m not exactly mother Theresa, and my husband is not angel Michael either. We have our moments, but true love always covers a multitude of sins. The smooth ride in our marriage is based on the quality of the shock absorbers of the vehicle carrying our marriage, the word of God. The road may be bumpy, but we are well able to enjoy the ride because it is well cushioned in the word of God we trust. Arguments show our individuality and it’s a good exercise to help get the best result, but that’s what it is, an argument, not for us to read other meanings into a simple disagreement. That would be manipulative, when we want to use emotional blackmail to get the other person to bend to our will. My husband and I don’t fall into that category.

On things she doesn't like about her husband:

Like I said, love covers a multitude of sins. We both have faults that our love is bigger than, and it’s not for the world to know. It’s called marriage, and it’s only between a man and his wife. What I can tell you is that the things I don’t like about him pales before all the things that I love about him. This feeling is mutual.

On her advice to young couples; 

When marriage begins, selfishness ends. So don’t throw your marriage away for want of those things that only gratify you and not your spouse. Stay committed and give room to only one other voice other your husband’s or your wife’s, the voice of God.

Omoni shared the picture below with the following caption;

“14 years don waka! We still dey carry go, nobody waka, no body go solo! 14 years of everything! Fun, laughter, love, companionship, headache, craziness lol! My boyfriend, my lover, my everything! There’s no me without you @nnamdioboli The wind beneath my wings! I can soar because you let me! May God keep us going stronger as the years go by! Love you to infinity and beyond!”

Her husband shared this one and added what was on the note attached to the roses;

"To say that you are the best would imply that you are comparable. But to say that you are perfect would give you your rightful place among wives as I reflect. Many daughters have done well but you excel them all. Happy 14th anniversary to my dear wife who makes me daily stand tall’

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