Thursday, October 30, 2014

Vaginal Tightening And Shrinking Creams Are Now A Thing?

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One of the most popular posts on RML remains the article on how to tighten your vagina and remove bad smells, read here. But when I wrote that post, I only had kegels in mind, and didn't know that some people will actually go to the extent of packaging and selling vaginal tightening and shrinking creams.

The 18 Again cream, according to the makers will, make you feel ‘younger’ and ‘sexier’ again.

Hott Products’ Liquid Virgin, claims to be perfect for ‘post pregnant women’. The cream is also said to be suitable for use by ‘not so well endowed men or anyone wanting an extra tight sensation during sex!’

Other vagina tightening creams include Crazy Girl Wanna Be Tight Shrink Cream and Tighten It Up! V Gel. The Crazy Girl cream is touted as ‘a diva’s secret for that first time feeling!’

Crazy Girl, and most of the creams quote their active ingredient as Potassium alum, which allegedly encourages ‘increased blood flow to (the) area applied, to produce tightened, engorged tissue.’

Will any of you use a Vagina tightening cream?

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