Thursday, October 2, 2014

TeeBillz Reportedly Cheated Tiwa Of Management Fees And Other Sponsorship Payments

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Tiwa Savage and TeeBillz at their last outing as a couple and manager/artiste at the NEA New York

Tiwa and Teebillz have been working on their love relationship as shown by their PDA for woman crush wednesday, post here, but reports say that might be the easy part. Tis is because the problems between the couple are not romantic or related to cheating or beating her as has been speculated by some quarters.

The marital problems are caused by disagreements over Tiwa's professional payments, and her husband's management style. Teebillz is reportedly collecting and taking over Tiwa's fees without her knowledge or permission.

According to Miss Petite,

Teebillz has not been accountable as regards the actual performance fees he receives on her behalf. As her husband /manager and also boss of her record label 323 entertainment,Tiwa left all negotiations to him. He would tell her he collected a certain amount and because she trusts him,she doesn't bother to verify. So he has been ripping her off for a while.

My source mentioned an incident with Hiptv boss Ayo Animashaun. He agreed to pay them N2m for the live coverage of their dubai wedding. He then paid Teebillz about N1.5m and Teebillz didn't tell Tiwa he collected the money.

A while after the wedding, a furious Tiwa  called Ayo, raising dust and raining insults on him for not paying them. He had to prove to her he paid Teebillz after she had sworn she trusted him, he couldn't lie to her .

She was embarrassed when she found out her husband had collected the money without her knowledge. It took the intervention of the current NFF chairman, to settle the issue and appease the aggrieved Hiptv Boss.

That is just one instance. But she had recently found out he had been doing that regarding  so many other shows. She was hurt and betrayed hence his replacement with another manager, Meka Millions..

Tiwa had openly said Teebillz believed in her when no one did. She said he sponsored her first video, Kele Kele. She even reportedly gives him her credit card ..

Despite their show of solidarity, they are still not in good terms and Tiwa may need some time to get over the betrayal. We all know it means she may find it hard trusting him with her business anymore.

Already, her new manager accompanies her to events and before you interview her, you have to go through him.

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