Wednesday, October 15, 2014

#Snappening - Teenager Admits Posting Hacked Snapchat Pics On TheSnappening Site

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Snapchat is an app that allows users mostly young people between 13 and 17 to text each other with pictures and videos that are supposed to disappear after a few seconds. However, a leak reported today has shown that the images are saved somewhere on the system.

According to reports, when 98,000 Snapchat pictures and videos were hacked and then published online, many thought 4Chan was behind it. Then someone set up a website at to make it easier for others to view the photos and videos.

The site, registered on Friday, was said by its alleged creator, a Redditor nicknamed massguru to have been getting 5 million page views per day since then, with 10,000 visitors "at any given time".

Massguru is also the moderator of a subreddit dedicated to "The Fappening," the mass hacking of nude celeb photos last month.

Now, Mudit Grover has admitted that he is the administrator of the website, and has shut down the site. website, now only displays a simple message. "The website has been shut down for good intentions. Thank you."

Grover told Mashable;

"The content is publicly available everywhere on the Internet. Neither I am the only one nor the first one to make a website about that. My purpose was that people should see how vulnerable hosting private information on cloud can be, I do not intend anything wrong."

The website while up hosted a collection of private and sometimes intimate Snapchat pictures, some of them of nude or almost naked children younger than 17, making them child pornagraphy.

Mashable was quickly able to figure our Massguru's real names, and maybe that is why he quickly put himself forward and shut down the site. Mashable revealed how they did this;

One of massguru's earlier Reddit posts, dated June 23, 2014, links to a YouTube video posted by a user named Mudit Grover.

The YouTube "about" page for Grover doesn't link to any other online profiles, but a quick Google search for that name leads to a Twitter account, a Facebook profile, and a personal website. According to these social profiles, Grover is a 19-year-old male who lives in Jaipur, India.

His Facebook and Twitter profile pictures closely resembled the one on Grover's YouTube page, suggesting the Mudit Grover behind these three accounts is one and the same.

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