Friday, October 24, 2014

Sex Worker Hides Stolen $25,000 Rolex Wristwatch In Vagina

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Shacarye Tims, an alleged sex worker, recently stole an expensive Rolex Watch belonging to one of her clients in Manhattan, New York. And she tried to smuggle it in her vagina from out of the hotel room where the man took her.

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RadarOnline reports that Shacarye's unnamed victim, a tourist from Australia, met her at a bar and when they agreed on terms after a few drinks, the two left for Holiday Inn in Manhattan where the man was staying.

As they were getting intimate, Shacarye Tims told the guy to remove his Rolex watch because it was scratching her skin.

Not too long after, he noticed that he couldn’t find his expensive watch on the nightstand again.
Pretending to help look for it, Shacarye told him to check the back of the night stand but then she hurried out of the hotel room.

As she was trying to escape from the hotel lobby, the man caught her. According to reports, Tims punched him in the head several times, causing him to suffer bruising and swelling on his face.

The police got involved, and when they searched the woman, it was discovered that she had hidden the watch in her “vaginal cavity.”

Shacarye Tims is now at Rikers Island prison, and according to the Criminal court complaint, she has been charged with larceny and robbery.

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