Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sex With 20 Different Women May Protect Men From Prostrate Cancer - Research

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A lot of promiscous men will be happy to hear that men who sleep with several different women are less likely to develop prostrate cancer, the magic number being 20.

The results of a new research suggests that men who have had 20 sexual partners and above reduced their risk of prostate cancer by almost a third, and  their chances of getting the most aggressive tumors were also slashed by 19 per cent.

Celibacy doubles the risk of the disease as well as homosexual sex.

Men who said they had never had sexual intercourse were almost twice as likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer as those who said they had.

Gay men who slept with 20 men or more also doubled their risk of developing prostate cancer compared with men who have never had sex with another man.

Researchers at the University of Montreal believe that intercourse protects men, and men who are more promiscuous have more sex than those in monogamous relationships.

The thinking is that regular intercourse may flush out cancer causing chemicals as the prostate secretes the bulk of the fluid in semen.The study claims masturbation and having much sex with one partner doesn't count.

For homosexual men the benefit is lost because of the increased risk of picking up a sexually transmitted disease, and the damage to their bodies from intercourse. However gay men with just one partner are at no greater risk.

Lead researcher on the study, Dr Marie-Elise Parent, explains the results thus;

"It is possible that having many female sexual partners results in a higher frequency of ejaculations, whose protective effect against prostate cancer has been previously observed in cohort studies."  

However, she refused to give the go-ahead when asked whether public health authorities should recommend men to sleep with many women in their lives, saying, "we're not there yet."

The study looked at more than 3,200 men over a four year period between 2005 and 2009.

The study also confirmed what was already known about prostrate cancer being genetic. The results also show that men with prostate cancer were twice as likely to have a relative with cancer.

The research was published in the journal Cancer Epidemiology.

H/T Telegraph UK, MailOnline


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  2. ..Okay o…So, would it be appropriate for women to have more sexual partners as well ?…Since medical science’s recommends regular sexual activity may prevent vaginal atrophy because research has shown that sexual activity increases blood flow to the vagina, which helps keep vaginal tissues healthy”


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