Tuesday, October 21, 2014

See Pictures of Renee Zellweger And How Much Has She Changed?!

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Many people are talking about recent pictures of Renee Zellweger on social media, and reason? Renee Zellweger looks so different!

The famous actress has been out of the media eye for a while and made her comeback at the 21st annual Elle Women in Hollywood Awards in Los Angeles, yesterday.

Above is a picture of her from the Bridget Jones Diary days and tell us if you think she's really changed. Many are blaming plastic surgery. I think it's just age?

Below are more pictures. The first picture is of Renee Zellweger when she won the Oscar in 2003. The rest are from yesterday.

[Pictures of Renée Zellweger via Getty]


  1. This one is definitely plastic surgery o. But she sha looks good, and that should be what matters right?

  2. She has definitely tampered with her upper eyelids. They are no longer hooded. Sadly, this change of look might make it harder for her to be cast in choice acting roles as people no longer recognize her. Its a shame that such a beautiful and talented actress has resorted to drastic surgery. I have two words for her: Jennifer Grey.

  3. She looks totally completely like a different human being! Eyes, Lips, Cheeks, Nose, Everything has been DONE! This is not a face liff but an entire face transplant! Yeezzus!

  4. There's no way this is Renee! What?! If you hadn't literally said this was Renee Zellweger, I would not have known it was her. Unbelievable. I preferred her old face. Apparently, she didn't like it.

  5. She looks like an indiscreet body snatcher snatched her body. If you hadn't said that it was Renee, I would never have known. She had her eyelids lifted, certainly amongst a host of other things. I don't like the new look but my opinion doesn't count if she's happy with her results, right? I will just take comfort in watching my Bridget Jones Diary and remembering her the way God made her over this hatchet job look.


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