Monday, October 20, 2014

RML Woman: Souraya Christine - Author, CPR Trainer, Domestic Violence Advocate And More

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There is certainly no putting Souraya Christine in a box! She says she is a lover of Christ first, a mother second, an author, CPR trainer, domestic violence advocate, and the founder of W.A.T.C.H, amongst other things. Souraya has preiously published an article on RML titled, Stop Suffering in Silence and Love Yourself.

Please read our exlusive RML woman interview with Christine below...

Q: What was your first job?
My very first job was at 14 years old in a dry cleaners.

Q: Is what you are doing now remotely like what your 16 year old self thought you would be?
Oh Lord no! My 16 year old self was crazy! At that time I really wasn't looking ahead. I did more dreaming as a younger child. I aspired to be a writer, journalist, speaker and TV show host. I'm at 50% now.

Q: Who inspires you?
Maya Angelou has always been an inspiration to me, but I've since learned to inspire myself, and whenever I fall short, I look to God.

Q: How does social networking help you? What social networks do you use?
Social networks is awesome for many different things. It's brought me readers, customers for my CPR classes, allowed me to inspire others, share God's word, and promote events. I use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, but they're all connected to Facebook, do when I post there it goes to all of them.

Q: Everyone has a favourite though, what is your favourite social network?
Facebook is certainly my favorite because, in addition to all of those things I mentioned, I can also stay connected to people around the globe.

Q: What is your favourite item of clothing and why?
My favorite item of clothing is the one piece jumpsuit. I have several. They're easy, sexual and fun to wear!

Q: What’s your personal motto?
My personal motto is "Aspire to Inspire".

Q: What is your favourite flavour of icecream?
I really love butter pecan ice!

Q: What is the first thing you bought with your first proper pay cheque?
I don't recall what I bought with my first paycheck, but I can almost bet it was clothes or shoes or both.

Q: If we looked in your handbag right now, what would we find?
My handbag is dangerous! There's no telling what you may find in there.

Q: If you were a super hero what would your power be?
If I were a superhero my power would likely be laser vision or super speed. Wait, maybe the ability to duplicate myself. That's what I need!

Q: Did we miss anything? Share it here. Also attach as many pics as you want.
I am a simple girl from the Midwest, who just wants to be happy, help others find their happy and love the most fulfilling life possible!


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