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RML Woman: Chioma Obiekwe - IT Consultant And Youtube Reviewer

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Chioma Obiekwe is the second of five children with a BEng in Computer science and engineering from ESUST and an MSc in Information systems management from the University of Huddersfield UK. She currently works as an SAP consultant at an IT consultancy and also runs a YouTube channel were she reviews Nigerian made - and made for Nigeria- products and services. Please read her contribution to our RML Woman exclusive.

I have to start by saying my Family members are my favourite people. I am blessed to have my father who is our voice of caution, my mother who gives all of herself plus some more to ensure we in  the family are growing, my elder sister Chisom and her family are amazing (she owns a makeup company called Butterfly effects), my younger sister Oj who keeps gist flowing in the house (she is a HR professional), My brother IK who has just graduated and is the man if the house, and my last and very talented sister Onaedo who is still in Uni and loves dancing, singing and designing. I love them all and can't imagine a life without them.

My first real job was as a Content Manager and Interactivity producer at Mtech Communications where I managed the phone and sms lines of CosmoFM radio station.

At 16 I was so into Oprah. I would always look at her in awe and think 'It would be nice to have a show named after you and presented by you' so I guess having my own YouTube channel where I present and produce content is remotely close to that. Lol

I have had different people inspire me over the years but right now... truthfully I inspire myself.  The version of me that I could be inspires me to keep moving

On Social Media, it helps me a lot. My day job requires me to browse tech forums for soultions and share my experience with SAP so others can benefit. On the other hand YouTube has made it possible for me to put my every day experience of Nigerian products out there. I use facebook, instagram and twitter to promote the channel

YouTube has made it possible for me to put my every day experience of Nigerian products out there. Made it possible for me to have my own channel!  Doesn't get cooler than that.   I use facebook, instagram and twitter to promote the channel

I am on instagram a lot these days. It used to be twitter but instagram has got me now. Lol. People are moving to Snap Chat now but I seriously can't be bothered with that one

Apart from being online I used to always be on my computer because I write and also do graphic designs. So I recently took up sewing so I could have a hubby that doesn't need the computer. I try to stay away from the Internet when I can and sometimes I test my self my just switching my data off. Lol...

Any piece of clothing I make for myself is my favorite. Its because I made it with my mind and hand so no matter how bad it turns out it becomes my favourite.

My personal motto is to love yourself and your neighbours

My first paycheck? I can't really remember what I bought with my first real paycheck.  It was either a phone (Nokia E6) or a pair of red shoes that I loved for years.

The contents of my bag at the moment are... My wallet, my house keys,  my face powder, 2 note books (one marked 'rnrbychioma' and the other marked 'SAP Business all in one'), an asoebi material I just bought, a couple of lipsticks and my bank token device

If I were a super hero I would like the powers of mystic. Lol. I would like the ability to easily become anybody I want to be

To contact Chioma, you can send her an email at Instagram handle -@rnrbychioma, Twitter @chiomajenni and on Facebook Raves and Reviews by Chioma. Don't forget to check out her Youtube Channel and subscribe!


  1. She's a beautiful and intelligent lady. A real RML Woman.
    Keep them coming Myne.

  2. Thanks for the feature Myne... :D and thanks nky :)

  3. Fine Girl Betta Pikin....See as u be like your mama pikin..., I will leave it

  4. God bless your hustle. Nice one.


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