Friday, October 10, 2014

Relationship Vision - Are You Where You Want To Be?

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By Eniola Ake

Before now you had a perfect picture of where you wanted to be in your relationship. You've made mistakes in the past and even met people you didn't end up with. Now, are you getting it right already? Or u are still making the same old mistake?

Remember, your happiness is in your hands, the choices you make in life will determine what and who you end up with. It is not by force to date someone especially when they aren't helping your life. It is your life remember and you only have one chance to live it right. One mistake made can tarnish your image forever.

A few questions to ask yourself;

1) Is that where I want to be?

The vision you have for your life is the big picture of what you want to achieve. If the person you are with isn't supporting that vision by treating you like the queen or king you are by building you, then you aren't there yet.

At some point in your life especially when you've been through a lot you have to stop and talk to yourself. Sincerely assess your life to know if you're where you want to be. Compare your previous life with your present life and make a judgment.

2) Is this relationship helping my life?

Bad company corrupts good manners. Whats your inner circle like? Is the person negative to your dreams or positive towards it?

Some people have made the greatest mistake of their life because they refused to be realistic with themselves. You have a purpose to fulfill, a dream to achieve and a vision to stick to. Are you helping yourself by being with the person that would help you or support your destiny?

3) Am I better off being single?

Don't be with a man just because he spends money on you and don't just date a woman just because she offers you her body for sex. What else matters to you apart from money and sex? Your life should be meaningful don't just be a passerby in life.

Sincerity with yourself is one of the things that will make you move forward in life. Sometimes do you feel you're even better off being single. Do you think you need to take a chill-pill and truly get yourself together?

Working on some lapses in your life will save you stress in your future relationship.

Being single doesn't mean you're not good enough for someone,it simply means you need to get your head straight and focus on yourself first because if you don't love your life while single chances are you won't while you are in a meaningful relationship. So, get it together.

Eniola Ake is a psychologist who is a writer of articles on relationship and emotional health care. She also does e-counseling and has a blog (

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