Wednesday, October 22, 2014

President Obama Gives Woman A Kiss After Boyfriend Warns "Don't Touch My Girlfriend"

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Mike Jones made news for heckling President Obama yesterday. He was among the early voters in Chicago, along with his girlfriend, who got to vote at the same time as the president for the mid-term elections.

When Mike noticed that his girlfriend, Aia Cooper, was the lucky lady to stand right next to the dashing POTUS, he began seething with jealousy, shouting, "Mr. President, don't touch my girlfriend".

The girlfriend was mortified, or maybe she guessed her BF was just joking? She later spoke to CNN that she told President Obama;

"I'm sorry, please excuse him...I knew he was going to say something smart, but I didn't know what he was going to say."

Obama got in on the comedy and started joshing the guy too; asking if she would tell their friends the story.

"There's an example of a brother just embarrassing me for no reason, for no reason whatsoever. I can't believe... Mike. He's such a fool."

When they had finished casting their votes, Obama gave the girlfriend a kiss on the cheek as a way he said, of really making the guy jealous.

I hope it's all in good fun, otherwise, this may be the end of the couple, LOL... watch the video below...

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