Friday, October 31, 2014

Police Asks Drivers To Return Cash They Took After Armored Money Truck Accident

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Several thousands of dollars was scattered on the freeway today during morning commute on I-270 in Baltimore, Maryland after the door of an armored money truck burst open.

Police say commuters stopped right in the middle of the highway to grab the cash, adding that the money came from an armored car from the GardaWorld security company.

“Apparently a door lock failed on the armored vehicle. A door came open and a bag of cash fell out into the fast lane of I-270,” said Greg Shipley, Maryland State Police.

According to CBS, multiple drivers immediately stopped right in the middle of the road and started picking up as much as they could of the thousands of dollars.

Those drivers took off when a fire official on scene turned on his emergency lights.

By the time police arrived there was only $220 left.

The Maryland State Police have now launched a criminal investigation to try and identify the drivers that took the cash, and they could now face theft charges.

They congratulated one woman one woman on Twitter who showed up to the police barracks and returned her share of the loot - more than $1100.

I don't know if it was honesty that motivated her to return the money, or was she scared that someone could have recorded the incident on video? Better to be hailed now for honesty than be arrested later for stealing, right?

If you were the one, would you return the money?

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