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Ode To Kath: Widower Writes Emotional Poem About Loneliness After Losing Wife Of 65 Years

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93 year old widower Bob Lowe, who lost his wife to Alzheimer's after 65 years of marriage has written a touching poem in her memory.

Titled Ode to Kath, the poem describes the deep loneliness he has felt since his wife Kath died three years ago.

Bob and Kath met in 1937 but were separated when the Second World War broke out in 1939.

Despite the distance, they sent each other love notes and photographs and Bob proposed to his love while he was on active service.

'One of the guys said to me "Hey, she fancies you" and I said "Well I certainly fancy her".
'Unfortunately in 1939, the war separated us, but while I was over there I thought I need to write to her and ask her to marry me.

They wed in 1946 upon his return and a friend who worked for Kodak recorded their wedding video in colour.

Pictured in 1980, Bob and Kath had two daughters and a son together. Bob said: 'Family life was a happy life'

Diamond couple: Bob and Kath Lowe, pictured in 2006, celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary
'Family life in those days was a happy life.'

One of the last picture of Bob and Kathleen Lowe, from Hampshire, before she passed away three years ago.

After six decades together, she her memory began to fade. Her husband raised the alarm with doctors after she failed to recognise him one night and she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's.

'One evening she turned around and and she looked at me and she said "Where's Bob?" and I said "I'm Bob".
'The bottom dropped out of my world then. The doctors said she was in the early stages of Alzheimer's disease.
'As she got worse it became more difficult to nurse her but she stayed here until the end.
'And eventually she passed away at one o'clock in the morning by my side.
'I couldn't believe it. She had gone. It was impossible to say goodbye or "I love you" any more.'

I am alone, now I know it's true
There was a time when we were two
Those were the days when we would chat
Doing little jobs of this and that
We'd go to the shops and select our meals
But now I'm one I know how it feels
To try and cook or have meals on wheels
The rooms are empty there's not a sound
Sometimes I'm lost and wander round
To look for jobs that I can do
To bring back the days when we were two
When darkness falls and curtains drawn
That's when I feel most forlorn
But I must be honest and tell the truth
I'm not quite alone and here's the proof
Because beside me in her chair
She quietly waits our time to share
Kath said to me some time ago
Darling when the time comes for us to go
Let's mix our ashes and be together
So we can snuggle up for ever and ever.

Bob is now a community champion forThe Silver Line, a helpline for older people suffering from loneliness, which was started by Esther Rantzen.

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