Sunday, October 19, 2014

Nigerian Law School Graduate Says 'Try Again' To Those Who Failed Bar Finals

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Thousands of students from the Nigeria Law School have been protesting the mass failure at the Bar examinations, since the results were released a few days ago. However, a law school graduate who is among the 30% that passed the exams have spoken out, calling on those who failed to do it another time. Passing the final exams is a prerequisite for lawyers to be called to Bar in Nigeria.

The graduate who passed had this to say on her FB page;

I'm just going to keep this simple and short.
Yes, I, too, was successful at the just-released bar final results; very successful, in fact, if you ask me. Call to the Nigerian bar on the 25th of November is real!!! But I don't just want to be a lawyer, I want to be a fantastic lawyer.
I also congratulate my friends and classmates who scaled the bar exams.
To those who did not: I can imagine your heartache. Sometimes we aren't able to do it at one go. But as long as there is life, we can still do it at another time.

The students who are protesting say they paid over N300, 000 for the one year programme, and can't understand how over 70 per cent of them had failed the examination. Instead, they blame the Director General of Nigerian Law School, Olarenwaju Adesola Onadeko.

They claim that Onadeko wants to destroy their career and by failing them in en masse. The students called for a review of the examination as well as that of their results.

Some of the text messages and emails received by PM News include the following;

“Save Law School Students: The DG Olarenwaju Onadeko has come to destroy the future of over 70 per cent of students who wrote exams in August and has run to the United Kingdom to seek solace.”

“#Please save the future of 5000 law school student, so that the results may be reviewed because some lecturers are in support of this movement as they know the DG asked for a lot of scripts to be marked down. Please this is the least you can do.”

“the mass failure at the Nigerian Law School is an insult to the legal system. Kindly help address this issue by calling the attention of authorities that matters; while another simply read: “#Please save the future of 5000 law school students.”

“We the law students of Nigerian Law School protest the poor handling and marking of our Bar 2 final exam. Please we need the media to come to our aid.”

“The Nigerian Law School released the 2013/2014 August result. It was a Tsunami! Out of 6000 candidates who registered, about #2172 passed. We are talking of about #4000 students who failed.”

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