Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Mistress Attacked By Lover's Wife And No One Intervenes?

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Yesterday, the story was all over the news of a 38 year old Chinese woman, Lin Yao Li, who was attacked in public by the wife of her lover and the wife's friends. The mistress was kicked in the groin and breasts, her clothes ripped off her naked body and generally given the beating of her life.

While we don't even know if the woman knew that her lover was married, what was reported was that the scorned wife of the man she was accused of sleeping with, and her three friends ambushed her outside and shopping mall and basically disgraced her.

It was also said that throughout the attack, nobody intervened to help the woman or stop the wife and her cohorts from the brutal assault. The onlookers said it was an 'argument of the heart', that the mistress didn't deserve help because she had slept with another woman's husband.

I can't help but ask, what about the man in question? We often think that domestic violence is when men beat their wives or vice versa, but what of when a couple's relationship issues affect those that relate with them? And again, the women bear the brunt.

Married women, please. Only one person made you a vow to keep faithful to you and that is your husband. If they break their vows, face them and talk or hash it out. Leave the other woman alone!

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  1. An awful story. While I'm fine if a wife confronts a mistress and tells her off verbally (especially in cases where the other woman knew about the marriage or refuses to leave the husband alone when he does indeed try to break off the nastiness he started), this is 100% wrong. Attacking an innocent woman and tearing off her clothes is wickedness. Being a mistress is not a crime and even if it was God knows the penalty would not likely be this in most countries. Her attackers need to be locked up. They are disgraces to the human race. Also those who watched and refused to help are terrible. At least I'd shout at them and call police if I felt I couldn't physically stop it.


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