Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Man Breaks His Neck On A Roller Coaster, Now On Life Support

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A man riding on a roller coaster at the Blackpool Pleasure Beach has snapped his neck and is currently on life support. Many are amazed that he's even still alive!

Robert Sycamore, 58, was riding on the Grand National with his nephew's son when the freak accident happened, according to the Canada Journal.

Darren Parlour, Mr Sycamore’s nephew, said:

“My son was with him and he’s come back screaming. Rob’s a big bloke and he was down in the footwell of the carriage.

“His ear was on his shoulder and he was totally blue and black. His neck snapped – the muscles collapsed and he’s just melted into the seat.

“I climbed in with Rob and was holding his head so it didn’t move. The emergency services were unbelievable – how he stayed alive, I don’t know.”

A spokesperson for Blackpool Pleasure Beach, said:

“There was an incident on the Grand National in which Richard Sycamore required emergency treatment from the emergency services.

“We do wish Mr Sycamore the earliest recovery and we are in contact with his family.

“Our enquiries have not revealed any faults or problems with the ride.”

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