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4 Lessons After Traditional Marriage Fails Woman Dumped By Billionaire Ex-Husband

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45 year old Nneka Mercy Ogbedo got married to her Nigerian billionaire ex-husband, Olorogun Moses Taiga in a traditional wedding in Nigeria back in 2002. By then, they were already parents to twins, but he soon got tired of the marriage, and dissolved it in the customary way.

It didn't help matters that the Olorogun had married another woman in the church long before the traditional marriage with Mercy Ogbedo.

Unhappy that she was suing him for divorce and financial support in the UK, Moses Taiga used the information of his previous marriage to completely void and nullify the traditional marriage in a Nigerian court. He got his way in 2011.

But Mercy was not satisfied with the way the separation played out. She still continued trying to get a divorce court ruling for alimony and child support in the UK where they lived, but that has now backfired.

According to Mailonline, not only did she lose the case, in 2013, the court ruled that she must pay her ex-husband's legal costs of up to £100,000. We have not talked of her own lawyer's fees too, chai!

Olorogun Moses Taiga

Yinka Taiga

To rub salt into her wounds, Olorogun Taiga quickly moved on and now has quadruplets with his third wife Yinka Taiga. And guess what, he finally officially divorced his first wife and legally married this new wife.

So ladies, shine your eyes!

When you meet an older man, 40 years and above who wants to marry you, make sure of the following;

1. He had not been married before.

2. If he has been married, he is properly divorced.

3. Get married in both the customary way and also in the court.

4. If possible, get married legally in the country where you live.

Don't make the same mistakes as Mercy Ogbedo, because some men can he heartless and irresponsible. Tell me why else Mr. Taiga will not provide for his ex-wife and children.

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