Thursday, October 9, 2014

It's Not A Case Of Witch Hunting - Google Responds To Removing Linda Ikeji's Blog

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Since making my post yesterday about Linda's blog, I've found out more about what the issues are. I can only say that as a blogger, this affects us all, and we can only learn from it, including Linda herself, who I know for sure will bounce back. Already she has tweeted about making plans to be back soon.

“Linda Ikeji’s Blog will be back in a bit. Biko, bear with me. The blog is still up on Please read there for now until I sort this out.”

Meanwhile, Google's Manager for Communications and Public Affairs, Anglo-Phone West Africa, Taiwo Kolade-Ogunlade sent out a statement about the issue as published by Punch.

“To respect the rights of copyright holders, Google clearly spells out how users of its products and services can get permission to use someone else’s intellectual property such as text, songs, images and footages. Google is no respecter of anybody when it came to the issues of copyright infringement, copyright is a big deal.

“Google as an organisation takes issues of copyright seriously and belongs to a group of digital companies that respect copyrights.

“Copyright is a big deal and this is why you can’t just go and pick up another person’s intellectual property or content and lay claim to its ownership.

“That is why we have copyright guidance. I don’t know if Linda picked up any content and I don’t know what content is the bone of contention-neither have I looked into the complaints personally.

“But it is not a case of witch-hunting and has nothing to do with Linda Ikeji’s personality or anyone else because there is a process, and irrespective of who you are in the world, that process would apply to you.

“It has become imperative for online entrepreneurs to respect the rights of copyright holders noting that the Internet community should be built on mutual trust and general respect.

“Let’s respect other people’s rights and intellectual property. Making money off other people’s content without permission is wrong. Although the Internet is inanimate, it is the content on it that gives it life. These are the issues.

“Whenever owners of online contents come after you accusing you of using their content, it is because they have families to feed and businesses to sustain.

“People should also understand that copyrights does not only apply to text, but also extends to literary works, images and photographs, music files and MP3s, movies, movie trailers and videos as well as software.”


  1. Thanks for the information, I learned the same that you cannot trust 50% google because one day someone would make such complain even if fallible.
    Wisdom is profitable to direct and its high time for her to get her own domain name, another question is what about her Adsense account? The unpaid balance lol, Linda should not agree, I guess the story of 'Kidnaping Of Temi's Daughter Liya By Her Grandmother' caused the deletion

    1. I think I see the point about self hosting more and more. Thinking of doing that myself soon.

  2. Lessons learnt and I also share in your optimism that Linda will bounce back. I do have a concern though, there are so many pictures flying around on the internet...question is how does one credit them? For instance I saw a picture which was displayed on a friend's BBM, I loved it and decided to use it for a post. Prior that though, I did ask her who drew it but she had no idea as well...the picture on its own accord went viral. So for instances like these, what does one do?

    1. Hello Oyin, it's best not to use such pictures on blogs or any where you make money from it. If it's just to share to friends, that might be no problem. However, the ideal situation is where you use only pictures you take.

  3. Myne, I hope Linda gets a new domain soon. Beside the copyright infringement issue, one thing that may have caused the take-down is the site going against blogspot's advertisement Terms of Use. Most Naija bloggers may not be aware of this but it's the number one reason (in the international scene) why Google takes down blogspot blogs overnight, and the reason why people are advised to host their own site if they plan to put affiliate links or private banners/ adverts.

    1. I really have to go and educate myself about these things. Thanks, Stella.

    2. Copyright issues aside, in my opinion this shouldn't have happened. She joined the big leagues long ago and should have left blogger since. There was simply no reason for her to have stayed with google. Even if her domain name was not available she could have gone with another domain name and her readers would have followed. I know I would have. Its not because of the title of the blog that they read. Its the good contents she has.
      she is amazingly hard working and I know she would bounce back. Bigger and better.


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