Thursday, October 23, 2014

How Penis Size Affects Men and Women And Sex

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We've talked to the men about what they need to know about keeping the penis healthy, strong, and ready for action, for life [read here]. Today, we're focusing on sizes and whether how big or small a man's penis is affects the sexual confidence of the man and sexual pleasure for the woman.

So does penis size really matter? And does big equal better sex and more sexual pleasure for the woman? Does small equal less pleasure? Does it affect the pleasure for the man too?

I'm guessing about the last as I'm not a man and cannot imagine that men with smaller penises do not enjoy sex, or enjoy it less that men with bigger equipment. But maybe that is the case, if you're a man reading this, do enlighten us.

Back to how penis size affects women, this I may be more capable of speaking on.

I hear several women complain that they cannot orgasm from penetrative sex with their husbands or partners, and I always say to them, don't beat yourself or your man up about that! The question is, Do you know what pleases you?

What it then boils down to is this;

1. Men - be comfortable with the tool you're working with, cultivate confidence and dexterity and also learn the woman you're with and how best to get her singing her favorite melody.

2. Women - find out about your body and where your erogenous zones are. Have your ever touched yourself? Do you even know where your clitoris is? If you're too shy to do this, it may be harder to work with your partner to get the best out of sex.

3. Men and women - If you're partners - married as is advisable - relax and communicate about sex honestly and openly. Talk about your desires, your fantasies and explore each other. Grow in love and opennes and intimacy will flow. It may take time, but if you believe in yourselves, that time will come.

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