Friday, October 17, 2014

Getting Recognition For Blogging And A Picture For Those Who Want to See Me :)

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So I stared blogging back in 2009 as a romantic fiction writer, and for a couple of years, I focused on hyping my books and that of other guest authors. By 2011, I started blogging for money but remained in the romance niche, with topics on relationships and personal stories.

In 2013, there were certain incidents that made me dramatically scale back on personal stories, and around the same time, I decided to increase my earnings from blogging. After reaching out to a few people that I felt could help me build a platform niche in relationships, I found no interest and the only option seemed to be entertainment and news reporting.

I took the challenge, changed my domain name, and tried to put my own spin on my reports as well as retaining the relationship slant. I have to confess that it has worked out so far in raising the profile of this blog, though there have been near-misses, close calls to disaster, and sharp learning curves.

What is obvious is that by reading us and sharing to your friends on Facebook and Twitter, you readers appreciate my work and that of others who write for RML. Some point out the lack of comments here, but I see you readers on social media discussing, and most times, you also engage me on my own pages. I say thank you for that. Please keep sharing and talking.

I decided to write this post today, because as I much as I try to keep my head down, it really warms the heart when people recognise your efforts.

Chris Ogunlowo, formerly Aloofar on Blogger , wrote a great analysis referencing the great debate about Linda's blog, in which he says;

Moreover, there’s an impressive roll call of digital publishers on track to build massively successful media businesses. This includes (Youth and General Interest), (Music), (African Literature), (Technology, Startups and Entrepreneurship), (Entertainment and General Interests), (Entertainment and General Interests), (Lifestyle, Celebrity, Relationship), to mention a few.

Yay! That's RML!

Also, Femme Lounge, a website I follow, and which you should too, listed  me among 15 Women powering Nigeria's popular Blogs and Websites.

She was born Nkem Okotcha but writes under the pseudonym – Myne Whitman.  She is a romance fiction writer and also blogs about parenting, relationships and entertainment on Romance Meets Life.

Check out the rest of their list here.

So once again, I say thank you to all my readers. Always feel free to comment here, or where it's easiest for you. Tag me in your comments on FB or Twitter or send me an email if you want my personal contribution.

I appreciate all of you. You make it possible for this blog to be what it is. Romance Meets Life.

Thank you. Mwah!


  1. yeah, am one of your favorite readers , your blog is an inspiration to mine too Thanks for being you

  2. Myne, you may not be the most friendly person, and I think as a writer, you can do more original posts, but I visit RML everyday. Keep up the good work. I also want more personal stuff, thats how your readers can get close to you. Finally, in Wendy's voice, where's the money?

    1. That's where you have it wrong. Myne is not only friendly, she's open, kindhearted and accommodating and that's why I carry her challenges to God in prayers just as I do mine. She is an amazing individual that has made a huge difference, also bearing in mind.

      The kind of blogging she chooses to do is entirely her prerogative, as she has said, she did the whole personal blogging thing and has moved on from that, one must evolve and grow. Yet, despite this her blog still maintains that personal touch. This is one blogger that I love love love to the moon and beyond!

      But I like your idea for more original posts. Everybody, blogger or not, can do with more originality.

    2. Thanks Anon and Thelma :)

      I'll try to improve.

  3. Nice one, what an inspiration and one of the down to earth people that I have met in this journey

    She corrects with love and simply amazing

    You are an inspiration

    Keep inspiring

  4. Keep up the good work Myne. You always inspire me!

  5. Whoop, well done Myne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Your blog is growing in readership, slowly yet steadily. Focus on quality content and keep away from 'silly rumours' and 'banging bikini body' stories that some popular bloggers are obsessed with. For the most part I enjoy your write-ups and wish you all the best in this endeavour.


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