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Father Of Kidnapped Child Speaks Out - I Was Not An Absent Parent

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Izuchukwu Ehiemere is the father of 2-year old Liya who was allegedly kidnapped from the mother in the UK and taken to Nigeria by the paternal grandmother. Izu has finally decided to share his side of the story and maintains that he was not an absent parent.

He says even though he initially did not want a baby with Moronke, he changed his mind and was there for baby Liya's birth. He says he has also been involved with the child's upkeep since then. Meanwhile, Liya has now been returned to her maternal family. Read Izu below...

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My name is Izuchukwu Ehiemere and I am the biological father of Ms Liya Tinuke Temidun Ehiemere. To be frank, I met Ms Moronke Fadoju(Liya’s mother) at the University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom and we began a casual friendship at the time. We were not in a “binding” relationship, it was purely casual.

This relationship/friendship did not last up to three months of which I was informed by her that she was pregnant with my child. Naturally,I was surprised and in doubt but before I could make proper verifications, she had already informed everybody both domestically and internationally that myself and her were having a baby together.

Furious at the time, admittedly I must have said some harsh things with which I regret till date but I accepted my responsibility and worked towards welcoming Liya into the world. I went as far as accommodating Moronke for some months as she had been evicted from her house. This idea didn’t go down well with my friends at the time but it was the right thing to do, up until my landlord discovered.

To cut that story short, I remained actively involved even when she got a new place because the baby was fast approaching, helped with the baby shower party, purchasing the baby cot, baby essentials etc. as well as transporting her to the hospital to give birth, and thankfully I witnessed the birth of Liya. I remained a key figure from Day1 helping Moronke run errands since she was so weak after birth. I could go on and on about how actively involved I was but the point drew near when I had to return back to Nigeria for my NYSC some months after Liyas 1st birthday.

I am sorry if going to serve my country portrayed me as an absent father. It does hurt a lot when Moronke says I never wanted Liya and I have never been there for her. If I was never there for Liya, she had the right to name Liya whatever she deemed fit and deny me parental responsibility. There is a reason why her surname is Ehiemere.

Given that I have PR to Liya, I share equal responsibility over Liya unless Moronke has a court order stating otherwise. During the period of my return back to Nigeria, we had an agreement that the best way to help Moronke as a new mother, was by both mothers from the maternal and paternal side taking intervals to travel to the UK to babysit Liya and enable Moronke go back to the University. An agreement both families as well as Moronke was very receptive to. Labelling my mother as a squatter who relied on her assistance was very wrong.

My mother handled every expenditure in Moronke’s household within her stay there and assisted to the best of her ability. (Bank Statements available as proof to that effect)My mother did not have to come to the UK but she did purely out of love, twice as a matter of fact.

During her stay, things did not pan out well as my mother observed a lot of traits and behavioural patterns that could be of potential harm to the proper development of Liya. For good reasons, confidential information would not be disclosed here, but there is adequate evidence to prove our genuine concern for Liya’s welfare and wellbeing in the UK.

Social Services were also involved and would know best. As a result of the potential risks to Liya’s welfare and wellbeing discovered, I granted my mother Power of Attorney to act on my behalf with matters regarding the welfare of Liya as I was not happy with the situation at hand and the best outcome was for Liya to be brought to Nigeria. Ronke’s family was informed that same day Liya arrived Nigeria including our exact location. Putting up that blog on missing child was not called for, as they were duly informed.

It seemed like a deliberate act to sabotage the good name of my family and indirectly hurt my mother. Kidnap is a harsh allegation and it was uncalled for in this regards. The blogs and messages were put up to generate undue sympathy and rage. They were too erratic. She remained in contact with Liya too, therefore I do not understand her claims of not being allowed to speak with Liya.

Every decision that was taken was in the best interest of my daughter, Liya. She knows her father just as well as her mother, and I am not a stranger to her. Liya was never traumatized during her stay here, as a matter of fact, she was extremely happy to be reunited with her father in a cleaner and stable environment.

There have never been issues between both families and the stories portrayed do not justify that. We remain as diplomatic as possible and would not result to name calling or war of words because we want peace to exist. I have no doubt with the events that have taken place and the publicity generated, more watchful eyes would be placed on Liya and her welfare going forward. This is all, we as a family have always wanted.

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  1. This is extremely irritating. How exactly did you 'take care" of your business?!! You leave a young infant with her mother - and she is left to bathe, feed, clothe and worry about this child all by herself - yet you and your family have the balls to judge her parenting skills. And because you are completely unable to "handle" your business you send your mother to steal your own baby. Your daughters mother is the only parent your child has ever known, she is the only one who has been in this childs life day in and out. The fact that you dont recognize, that you dont respect this/her and that you're not thankful for this/her is proof of how entitled you are. Get over yourself, grow up and go get your own damn child!

  2. Oh my goodness, I think I know this guy; attended the same high school. This is really some story but knowing one of the subjects adds a zing to it.

  3. we do not need all your sermons. the point here is that you did not inform the mother of your baby you are taking her child away. that is so callous. she came back and her baby is gone. there is nothing to justify what you and your family did.

  4. Still kidnapping, no matter the name you want to give it.

  5. I do not presume to know what went down with you and Miss Moronke, but this i know

    1)Parental responsibility does not mean you have the right to take a child away from the parent she resides with WITHOUT DULY INFORMING HER. PARENTAL RESPONSIBILITY DOES NOT MEAN YOU SHARE A CHILD LIKE A CLOTH OR CARDS 50-50. It means you have equal say in issues affecting the child - education, religion but even that is watered down especially if you are not married to the mother.
    If indeed your mother covertly took the child's birth certificate and between both of you underhandedly got her a passport and took her out of the UK, that's downright evil and illegal.

    2) You say the child knows who you are. you left her when she was one and returned for your nysc. i shall assume she hasnt seen you since then. 2months? 6months? A year? Child knows you not...You are more or less a familiar stranger to her. Her mother who has been with her since birth is still her safe haven. What your mother (who it seems lacks this basic concept as a woman) did was emotionally devastating to this child.'

    I can see why you are trying to raise welfare concerns. Probably false because you are looking for reasons to justify your action. Your daughter will not thank you for it. Unless her mom is alcoholic/drug addict or outrightly neglecting her, 'dirty house' shouldnt be an issue for social services.
    You could talk to her. You could pay for daily/weekly cleaners. You could pay for a live-in Nanny, Mr concerned daddy.
    Hopefully with your ABDUCTION RECORD, the nearest you can get to Liya will be through supervised contact in the UK.

    p.s. I don't even understand this sudden love for Liya. Is it that you cant father a child again or what? Is she your last bus stop? Why take a child away from her mother to go and dump her with her Grandmother (because that's what you'll probably do) while you'll get on with finding a suitable woman to have a binding relationship with...mscheew


    I'm really trying not to write with the anger and fear that gripped me the first time I read this. This is any mother's nightmare. Come home and find your child gone. How dare you!!! You say you told her family in Nigeria, what arrant nonsense. You took a child like a thief from her mother and you tell her family in Nigeria to call her and try and calm her down or what?

  6. This is a clear case of kidnapping. Izuchukwu Ehiemere and his mother should be declared wanted by Interpol. Both of them are criminals. People must learn on how to operate within the ambit of the law.


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