Friday, October 24, 2014

#EbolaInNYC - Piers Morgan Slams Doctor Who Used Public Transport While Self-Monitoring

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Yesterday evening, Dr. Craig Spencer was announced to have tested positive to Ebola after he was taken into a New York hospital the same morning of high fever.

A volunteer with Doctors Without Borders, Dr. Spencer had shared the above photo of himself dressed in protective hazmat gear while treating Ebola patients in Guinea causing many to call him a hero.

Now however, New York residents are not so happy with him, some calling him immoral for exposing the public to the deadly virus by traveling on public transport, having a live in girlfriend, and going bowling. All this while he was supposed to be monitoring himself in self quarantine after returning from Guinea.

Health officials in New York had said in the conference confirming Spencer's infection - the fourth in America so far - that he had been checking his own temperature in the last ten days since he came back to New York City and his Harlem apartment.

He reported feeling sluggish on Tuesday, but was able to go bowling on Wednesday. However, by Thursday his temperature had spiked to 103 degrees and he called the Health Department and was taken into hospital. The officials believe the doctor has not been infectious all this while.

But Piers Morgan, TV show host and presenter, is one of the vocal ones on Twitter not happy with the doctor as well as those involved in his monitoring. He tweeted;

UPDATE - Piers Morgan has now written an article on MailOnline on the subject.

Donald Trump, and many others, are also calling out and slamming the doctor on Twitter. Check out some tweets below...

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